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Veduna Retreat on the Rogla Plateau
The Magic of Sound and Life


This weekend, Mira Omerzel - Mirit was a guest at the Rogla Resort (Pohorje Mountains), together with the other members of the Vedun Ensemble (Tine, Mojka, Igor and Polona). Mirit is a medium for the transmission of Universal life energy and cosmic vibrations into the physical world, a spiritual teacher, scientist and musician. The autumn retreat of renewal, change and spiritual growth is already traditional, such courses having taken place for almost ten years. This year’s course was called THE MAGIC OF SOUND AND LIFE. Nearly 90 participants from Slovenia and abroad were joyful and at times tearful (cleansing stress and suppressed traumas), seeking balance and wholeness. Mirit heartened them with word and sound. Harmonies, rhythms and unusual sound images, which the musicians elicited from the unusual traditional musical instruments of different cultures from all continents, ceaselessly poured into the hall, supporting the musicians’ spontaneous sounds and voices, which honed, cut, cleansed, nourished and inspired ….


It is depth of consciousness, not the age of the participants, that is important. Children know this very well, as their consciousness (at least until the early years of school) is usually far deeper than that of adults. And that is why the babies of young mothers present at the retreat were satisfied as never before. How could they not be – they brilliantly sense everything which adults strive to attain. Intensive self-harmonisation processes take place during Mirit’s surgery and the Vedun’s resonance. Spontaneous harmonising sound is linked with movement and dance. Joy grew day by day, blowing away the weight of everyday worries, uncertainty, lack of clarity etc. Veduna yoga, or the Veduna touch, especially the one before departure on Sunday, always leads us to the pinnacle – to peace and a beneficent slowdown, a bursting happiness …


The Rogla retreat was an obligatory for all those intending to take part in our dry fast next weekend on Murter (a 10-day retreat, out of which 4 days will be without food and liquid). The Veduna dry fast is very special: it takes place with an extraordinary and effective cosmic surgery by the medium Mirit (and increasingly also by her son Tine) and cosmic entities, with the support of the channelled life energy, sound baths and Veduna yoga. Veduna dry fast retreat is therefore a four-fold gift, a four-layered “medicine”. People receive what they need and what they want. There are in fact no limitations, says Mirit, only limitations which we ourselves have set in our minds. Human beings are cosmic children on Earth, a true miracle, claim the sages of past eras. Time is calling for change and freedom! When feeling imprisoned, people are usually unkind and lack compassion. But the purpose of human life is to set ourselves free from the chains of thought patterns, destructive memories and emotions and to attain a wholistic harmony. Our adventure – the Veduna dry fast – strives after all this. Miraculous insights and recoveries happen every day. It is well worth experiencing what Cosmic Consciousness and harmonisation are offering us. The connection between the Earth, the Universe and the Source of life performs miracles, whereas human devotion, courage and clear thought open the doors.

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