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Veduna Dry Fast MURTER
16.9. - 25.9.2022
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Next up will be an intensive treatment – A PACKAGE CONSISTING OF TWO CONSECUTIVE SOUND-ENERGY HARMONISATIONS – on the 30th of June and 1st of July 2022, each one starting at 19:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Tickets for the package of two harmonisations, or 'surgeries' (you are only able to buy tickets for the complete package) are available at: https://www.mojekarte.si/en/group/1132278/veduna.html

Please, read the instructions and purchase "tickets" on time!
In the academic year 2021/2022, the Veduna School continues with its online packages of monthly sound-energy harmonisations, or ‘surgeries’. Many people from all continents took part in them (especially during the time of the epidemic in April and May 2020). This type of psycho-physical (self-) harmonisation is a true miracle, but it is in fact not something new, such surgeries being known in many cultures. Anyone can join us for this all-connected (holographic) triune ‘surgery’ (cosmic, spiritual, non-material for changes in the material world) that harmonises, energises, sustains, relaxes us. It brings awareness, expands our consciousness, and makes us happy. The internet is used only to establish the connection between us, while the triune (cosmic/energy/frequency-sound) harmonisation is carried out by the mediums Mirit and Tine, accompanied by selected sounds of the Vedun Ensemble. The harmonisation flows like radio waves directly to people, to those who have registered. Nikola Tesla attempted to channel something similar using machinery.

The world is built of frequency waves, which can also be perceived as sound. Sound is everything – the material and non-material, physical and spiritual. Universal life energy, which is at its core frequency-vibrational undulation, flows through each and every living being. If we lack this life energy, we are weak and fall ill; and when there is no more life energy, the body is dead. Most people sense the flow of life energy through their body. Our planetary ancestors called it prana (the Vedas), the elixir of life and immortality. As late as the second half of the 20th century, there were still healers alive who had inherited the skills needed to sense and channel life energy. These kinds of sensitivity and perception are innate gifts in humans, known and revered everywhere – in all cultures and at all times – including today. Expression through sound and music is a brilliant tool for relaxing, recharging, and clearing the unnecessary physical and emotional-mental toxins, which arise and accumulate in living beings, particularly during stressful and traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences block the free flow of life energy through bodily energy centres (chakras). This makes us vulnerable and less resilient. The old knowledge of harmonisation using sound has been unfortunately lost in some places, but fortunately not entirely forgotten. It cannot be forgotten, for it is the very foundation of living. Veduna triune ‘surgery’ is very supporting and inspiring during these times of crisis. Without life energy, there is neither life nor true health.

Anyone can join us for this all-connected (holographic) triune surgery (a cosmic, spiritual, non-material surgery which has been designed to foster changes in the material world). The surgery harmonises, recharges our energy, sustains and relaxes us. It brings awareness, expands our consciousness and makes us happy.
The harmonisation process within this two-day package will be especially intense and effective.

NEW book (in two parts) in English language by Mira Omerzel - Mirit:

The Boundless Singing Links of Body and Spirit of the Mexican Mayans

Part I: The Dimensions of Timelessness and Eternity in Mayan Culture (link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store) and

Part II: The Sound Alchemy, Spirit, Soul, and Consciousness of the Ancient Mayans
(link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store)

NEW books in English language by Mira Omerzel - Mirit:

Life without Food and the Timelessness of Spiritual Messages of the North American Indians (link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store) and

Journey to the Summit of the Sacred Mountain: A Fairy Tale about Life’s Quest and Awakening
(link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store)

Story of an Ailing Girl Who Wanted to Become a Vedunya Shaman (...more info ...)

  The substantial as well as unsubstantial worlds consist of frequencies. However, the given sonorous quality by far exceeds that. Sound is an alchemy of frequencies and their respective energies, an instrument to heal the subtle bodies of the spirit as well as the physical body, an instrument to trigger an enhancement of consciousness and a sensitisation of senses. We are affected by it on a conscious as well as unconscious level.


The might of the tree simbolises the sanctity of a human being

Sound (resonance) has the capacity to compose us into a melodious whole and harmonise us with natural rhythms, while disharmony can incur disease. The wisdom passed on from global musical traditions binds human consciousness to the archetypal unconscious and the sound paradigms from beyond time. Moreover, sound merges us with the Great Substantial Auditory Logos of the Universe and the Cosmic Intelligence or Consciousness of Nature, which are increasingly recognised also in subatomic physics and medicine. It is sound that provides a key for those gates of the “heart and soul” that open toward the subtle worlds “beyond” common consciousness (to transcendence) and the accelerated path of self-evolution.

Musical instruments and sound implements of world peoples (Equrna Galery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004)


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